How to log in to your church webiste

If your church website was made by then you can scroll down in your website sidebar menu to see the Admin section, then click the link for login.


Or scroll to the bottom of the site and click admin:

The login page looks like this:


You need to enter either your email or username and your password, then click the Log in button. Your username may be an official one, for example your position in the church (churchwarden, choirmaster) or the name of the group you run (mothersunion, youthgroup) or it may be your nickname.


What to do if you forget your password

If you can’t remember your password, or you are logging in for the first time, you can click the “Lost your password?” link below the main login box


Then put your username or your email into the box and click Get new password.


Then go to your email account and there should be a mail with a link in it. Click the link.


Then you can either use the automatically generated password, which will be strong but hard to remember:


or choose your own, which should also be strong, but can be easier to remember. Below is a good example: a series of several words or phrases with at least one number in it, and ideally a symbol.


when you are done, click the Reset Password button. You can then log in.

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