What to do if you make a mistake when editing a page

If you make a mistake, you can usually click the back button or control+z to undo it right away. You can go back several times.


If that does not work, for example because you have saved or published your changes already, you can use the version control system to find and restore previous versions of the page. This is more advanced editing, so you might want to ask for help from another church member or from your site administrator.

To view previous versions of the page click Browse in the Publish area of the page editor.


Drag the slider the left, looking at the date and times that pop up in the bubble. The nodes on the slider represent a previous version the ones near the right at the most recent versions, the ones near the left are older. You are “going back in time” when you go left.



Each version shows you the changes in green and the what has changed in red.

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