Adding content to a page for the first time

If you are writing a new page, from scratch, for your church website, then this guide will help you. The guide assumes the page has been created for you, and you have been given access to edit it already.

The Basics: what to write?

You need to be very brief and clear: you have about 15 seconds to get your point across before people will leave the page.

15 second rule

Try getting a friend of family member to help you: show them the page for only 15 seconds then quiz them on what they remember – did they get the most important information? Was the page clear at a glance?

Less is more… work

You should spend some time removing information from the page: writing loads is the easy part, making a succinct page takes time.

Date, time, location

If your page is about an event, organisation or service then the date, time and location should be the first things a visitor sees – right at at the top of the page. You can put more information below that, but try and keep it to one or two sentences, and use headings.

Get my attention

If your page needs to contain longer/more complex information then spend your 15 seconds on catching your readers attention so they will stay and read more: use a summary, a question or an interesting fact to appeal to their curiosity so they will read on.

It’s not all about you

It’s can be good to communicate the “personality” of your church or church group, with a joke or some warm words of welcome: but remember, this page isn’t about you, it’s about your reader. What do they need from the page?

Put yourself in their shoes: it can help to write down some bullet points about your aims and audience before you start work.

Use headings

There is an example of what a well organised page looks like below: you can see some simple, clear information at the top in bold text, with further information below in normal text, then below that there are some short paragraphs with headings. You can read about how to make headings in the formatting section later on in this page.


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