Adding content to a page for the first time

Important: how to copy paste content into your page

A good way to get started with your page is to copy and paste text from another source: perhaps you have already written this information for a flyer or for the church newsletter, or perhaps you are more confident writing in a word processor than directly into the website editor.

It’s really important (really, really) that you follow the steps recommended in this guide: unfortunately, copy-pasting text and images from one place to another can cause ugly or malfunctioning webpages. The step buy step guide here will help you get your copy paste perfectly each time.

Switch on pate as text function

In the second row of your toolbar there is an icon that looks like a T on a clipboard. Click this button. If you don’t see the second row of your toolbar, click the last button on the left hand side of first row to open the second row.


You will get a message to tell you the function is switched on, which you can dismiss by clicking x.


Copy your content from your document/image/pdf, usually by selecting the text and right clicking, then choosing copy from the menu or by hitting ctrl+c. Here are two examples:



Go back to your editor and paste it in the text by doing right click Paste or ctrl+v. You can see in the image below, the past as text button still has an intended appearance, which means this function is switched on.


The pasted text should look simple, there will be no colours, headings or styles at all. This is good.


If you see any styles, like below, then something has gone wrong – make sure the paste as text button function is on and try again.


Whats the difference?

If you are curious to know more about why the above guide is so important, here is an overview. If you click the Text tab in of the editor, with a good clean paste you should see all text and no computer jargon, like this:


With a “dirty” paste, you will see computer jargon like the things highlighted in yellow below:


The parts marked in yellow is from the word-processor software, it can can cause the following problems for your web-page

  • The fonts and styling will not match the other pages on your site
  • The text will often contain “line breaks” in strange places which will make your text hard to read
  • The text may contain fonts or symbols which are not readable on all computers/phones
  • The page may not display correctly, especially on mobile phones
  • There may in rare cases be code which actually breaks the page or whole website.

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