Adding content to a page for the first time

Formatting text

You should aim do as little fancy formatting as possible, lots of colours and fonts are good for flyers and posters, however, web-pages should be more simple, like a book. Also, if you use only pre-set styles, your page look smart and will fit in really well with the rest of the website, and if the website design gets updated the changes will apply automatically to your page as well.

Your editor bar has all you need for most pages. Use it sparingly. A little bit of bold or italic can help you highlight the most important information, but too much formatting will hide the most important points in all the “noise” (think “can’t see the wood for the trees”).


To apply a style select the text you want to use and click the button in the editor bar (see below for a more complete guide).

Set headings

Each chunk of information on your page should have a heading about it which says what the section is about. The page title is heading 1 (H1), the next most important sections are heading 2 (H2), and below those you may have further sub-headings like heading 3 (H3) and heading 4 (H4). The information is structured like this:

  • H1: Very important (title)
    • H2: Important
    • H2: Also important
      • H3: related information
      • H3: more related information
    • H2: another section
      • H3: further information on the section

You can select the text you want to turn into a heading by double-clicking the text until it is highlighted in blue, or by clicking the first letter and with your finger held down drag the mouse left till the whole row is highlighted blue, like in the picture below.


Then click the dropdown menu that says Paragraph (or similar) and choose what heading level you want. Here we have chosen Heading 2.


Using bold and italic

Bold and italic can be applied the same way as above, only this time you click the B or I button when you have selected your text. Bold and Italic are useful for highlighting dates, times and “don’t forget” information like “You must bring a packed lunch.

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