Adding content to a page for the first time

Adding images

Images are good: they communicate faster than words. Choose only one or two per page and choose them carefully: what is the contexted? What does the image say to the reader?

An picture of the inside of your church building, for example a grand, panoramic with no people in it, might be okay for a page about the architecture of your church but it will not seem very welcoming to someone thinking of attending a service. Likewise a picture of happy smiling people on the “how to find us” page would not be as useful as a picture of what the church looks like from the road.

Uploading the image

First click your mouse where you want the image to display on the page.


Then click the Add Media button at the top of the editor.


This will usually show you all the images in the gallery, which belong to you and other page editors. You need to click the Upload Files tab.


This will give you a big white page with two options, drag and drop or select files to upload. Try to drag and drop files to the page, if you know how: you can just drop them anywhere on the page and they will start to upload. If that does not work, or you don’t know how, then click the Select files button.


Your file browser will open and you can look though till you find your image. When you find it, click on it one time so it is highlighted in blue then click the Upload or Open button. On my computer this shows on the top right in blue but it might be different on yours.


When the image has uploaded you will see it appear in the gallery with a blue tick. The tick means that the image is going to be inserted into your post when you click the Insert button. You can insert several image sat once, but it’s not always a good idea to do that.


On the right hand side of the gallery there is a long section which has some basic formatting for the image, you can change things like which side of the page it displays on (alignment). You can leave these as default for now. Click Insert into page.



The image will now show in your page where you put your cursor at the start.  If you want to change the alignment, click on the image and a little menu will pop up where you can choose left, centre, right or none. There is also a pencil button on that menu which will give you a more complex editor window.


Smaller images can be aligned left or right and the text on the page will “wrap” around it like this:


Larger images should be either centred or set to no alignment like this:


You want to avoid having two images next to each-other like this:


though you can improve the apprentice by putting some spaces (with spacebar) between them:


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