Adding content to a page for the first time

Saving, Previewing and Publishing

On the top right of your editor page there are thee buttons: Save, Preview and Publish. Sometimes the Update button shows instead of publish: this is because the page has already been published.


The save button is good to click at the end of each section you write. Unsaved changes are usually still recorded, if your computer crashes you should not lose your work, however, clicking save creates a new version you can go back to if you make a mistake later.


The preview button shows you what your page will look like on the website when it is published. When you click it a new window opens up and shows you your page as if it were “live” on the website. You may need to save your changes to make them display on the preview. You should check the preview before you publish.


When your page is ready you can publish the it.

Update changes

If your page has already been published, you can click this to make your changes live on the website.

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